Friday, September 30, 2016

Anchor & Heart Lacquer

Sunken Treasure time

Hey, y'all!  Does it seem to you that time flies sometimes?  Or maybe all the time!  Not long ago it felt like the summer was just dragging and I was longing for the official start to Fall.  I love Fall.  Love it!  Besides the beautiful fall colors (nail polish!!), the weather change also makes running more enjoyable.  My favorite thing to do, as you know, is painting nails.  But.. besides that, I love baking cookies and running!  Actually.. I think I run because I love baking cookies so much.  ha ha....  If there is any interest, I might post about my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe or about my running.  Please leave a comment if you'd be interested!

ANYWAY.. you're here for the polish!  I have a new one for you!  This is one I picked up earlier this year and just set it aside because I thought the color would be great for fall.  This isn't a named polish, other than #190.  The maker sometimes has small batches where she tests out different finishes and mixes.  They are pretty, but don't make the cut for a collection she's working on.  So, what she does is offer them as mystery polishes!  Her mystery polishes are Sunken Treasures, which is a play on the name of her polish line (Anchor & Heart Lacquer).  This polish is a deep green holographic polish that contains a little bit of a blue shift or maybe a blue shimmer in some lights.  The formula was PERFECT.  No kidding!  I applied 3 thin coats and sealed with a glossy top coat (Rica Glossy Glam).  What do you think.. is this polish OK for Fall?  :)  

Besides creating some beautiful polish, the owner is so sweet and thoughtful!  I am really happy I stumbled into the Indie Polish world!

Shop link here:
Find Anchor & Heart on Instagram, too at @anchorheartlacquer

Monday, September 26, 2016

Bliss Polish Summer Nights Trio

I hope everyone is having a good day!  Today I have a fun little trio from Bliss Polish to share with you.  It is a summer release, but I think these will also work well in the Fall months.  The tones are very rich and deep and remind me of sparkling gems.  

Application notes:  My photos show 2 coats on each color; excellent control and great formula on all three.  These dry fairly smooth, even with all the glitter!  So, I think a regular layer of your favorite top coat will be just fine.  I used Rica Glossy Glam for my photos and Polish 'M matte top coat for the matte versions.

Cocktails at Midnight
This is a teal jelly base packed with coordinating microglitters in silver (holographic) and turquoise.  I wore this one first and sort of wish I'd saved it for last!  It's my favorite of the group (I know.. even though there is a blue in here.. unbelievable, right?!) and so I have lots more pictures!  I think this is just so pretty.  It is currently sold out individually, but still available as part of the trio.
indirect natural light
with matte top coat

Hottie in Pink
This is a dark pink jelly base with coordinating holographic micro glitters in silver and fuschia.  I don't typically go after pink polishes because sometimes they tend to wash out on me.  But, this one is so bright and vibrant!  I love this!

with matte top coat

Stargazing in the Pool
This is a bright blue jelly filled with holographic silver micro glitter and dark blue holographic glitter.  Super close to being my favorite of the bunch, and it would be if the teal hadn't been so amazing.  Still, I think it's such a pretty polish.

with matte top coat

The Summer Nights Trio is currently still available, so take a look!  My experience with Bliss Polish has been nothing but positive, which is why the brand is one of my favorites.  

Shop links:
Bliss Polish
Polish 'M

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Cupcake Pollish Berry Good Looking

Hey!  You're still here!

Today's post will be super short, just to share this one pretty with you.  

As the title suggests, this is Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking, a cult favorite in the indie polish world.  I was really curious about this polish and was super excited when I won this little gem through an Instagram giveaway!

My photos show 2 coats plus a glossy top coat; application was fairly easy.  The holo flame on this polish is pretty incredible, even in normal indoor lighting.  In the sunlight it's just blinding!  I tried to capture some of this beauty with my photos here.

Under artificial light (ottlight)

Sunlight shots

I wore the polish for 3 days without any noticeable wear.  That's pretty good for me since I think my nails are tools and use them for pretty much everything! 

However.. be careful with this one.  It did stain my nails ever so slightly and I nearly panicked.  Ok, I did panic.  But, it seemed to be mostly gone within a day.  And yes, I did use a base coat.  I'm not sure if it was the polish, or if it was the method I used to remove the polish.  Either way, next time I wear this, I think I'll double up on the base coat.


Saturday, September 17, 2016

Polish 'M Fall collection - Pt. 3

Moody & Mysterious

This portion of the Polish 'M collection contains my absolute favorite -- dark polishes!  I think dark, moody, vampy polishes can be worn year-round, and that's exactly what I plan to do with these!  We have two dark browns, one that looks almost black, and a deep wine/cranberry color that glows from within. Onward!

Color Me Autumn
A deep plum jelly base filled with lots of gold micro shreds, purple iridescent micro glitter, light blue and orange metallic micro glitter and gold galaxy holo.  My photos show 2 careful coats.  I went pretty slow on this one because jelly polishes and I aren't the best of friends.  I didn't have to stress too much, though, because it went on really easily and glitter distribution was good.  It just begs to be matted.  Which way do you prefer?

Color Me Autumn with glossy top coat

Color Me Autumn with matte top coat

Lone Scarecrow
A blackened brown base with iridescent and holo micro flakes, galaxy holo, silver micro shreds, magenta micro glitter and a little Spectraflair.  My photos show 2 EASY coats.  Wow, just wow.  This polish looks black in most lighting, and will appear a very deep brown in others.  It looks fantastic either glossy or matte.  I think I prefer the matte version just a tiny bit more.  When swatching the collection I made sure to save this one for last because I knew I wanted to have it on my nails a little longer.  I bet this looks great on really short nails, too!  Perfect polish!

Lone Scarecrow with glossy top coat

Lone Scarecrow with matte top coat

Woodland Stroll
A chocolate brown base with magic holo flakes, aqua and red-gold micro flakes and orange iridescent glitter.  My photos show 2 easy coats.  Your search for the perfect brown is over!  Trust me.. this one is it!  The formula is perfect and it looks so amazing when the sun catches it.  I love the matte version, too.  A+ on this one!

Woodland Stroll with glossy top coat

Woodland Stroll with matte top coat

You can probably guess my favorite from this bunch!  Lone Scarecrow is so amazing, and I am most definitely getting at least one back up bottle of this one.  It's just so perfect for me, as if I had asked Michelle to create a polish exactly for me and this was the result.  I said before (part 1 of this review) that my favorite polish, indie or mainstream, is Polish 'M Reli-A-Bull.  Well... Lone Scarecrow has officially risen in the ranks and is now tied for favorite.

I will write a post about Reli-A-Bull and other polishes in the Polish for Pit Bulls series sometime, I promise!  For now, I hope you've enjoyed reading about the new Polish 'M fall collection.  Prices range from $8 to $12, depending on the materials used to create them.  I am more than happy to provide any more input if you are torn between certain polishes.  Or, if you would like to see any comparisons, I will try to do that as well!  I'm not set up for video swatching (yet?), so I hope I've relayed enough information to help you determine if the formula would work for you.

Did you read my review on parts 1 and 2?  If not, here are the direct links:
Part 1: Neutral shades
Part 2: Jewel & Bright Tones

The Polish 'M Fall collection is available at the Polish 'M shop.  While you're there, be sure to check out the other polishes from past collections (some are on sale!) and the cuticle oil. 


Polish 'M Fall collection - Pt. 2

Fireside Cozy

This portion of the Polish 'M collection makes me think of sitting by the campfire wrapped up in a warm flannel blanket.  I don't know why, but it does!  I've picked 4 polishes for this group and I think they all have that lovely deep jewel-tone to them.  Let's get right to them!

Apple Orchard
A berry base with violet-blue/red/orange chameleon pigment, copper micro flakes and copper galaxy holo.  Would you just look at this?  Wow.. I don't normally go after red polishes, but this one demands attention, and it has so much depth for a pretty smooth polish.  My photo shows 2 easy coatsIt also looks very pretty matted, but in this case, I prefer the full gloss version.  This is a definite favorite for me.
Apple Orchard with glossy top coat

Apple Orchard with matte top coat

Festival of Fall
A teal base with blue/green/gold duochrome shimmer, galaxy holo, magenta holo shreds and multi-iridescent flakes.  Well, what do we have here?  I will start by saying that this polish leans blue on me (which I really like), but some tones may pick this up as more greenThis is gorgeous either way!  Glittering emeralds by moonlight.  2 coats on this one and very little clean up on my part.
Festival of Fall with glossy top coat
Festival of Fall with matte top coat

Pumpkin Frost
A navy base with magic holo flakes, rainbow micro flakes, blue shimmer, silver galaxy holo, light blue holo shreds and fine metallic glitter in teal, magenta, copper and apricot.  What can I say?  It's BLUE, dark, and it sparkles like crazy!  My photo shows 2 coats--easy application.  Seriously debating a back up of this polish.
Pumpkin Frost with glossy top coat

Pumpkin Frost with matte top coat
Starlit Sky
A blurple base with silver shreds, blue micro flakes, and a hint of red metallic micro glitter.  Since my nails are a little on the long side now (a rare occurrence!) I used 3 thin-medium coats for my photo.  I'll have to try this again when I've filed my nails down.  Looks great with matte top coat, too!  If you don't have a matte top coat you love, try the Polish 'M version! 
Starlit Sky with glossy top coat

Starlit Sky with matte top coat
My favorite from this bunch is a TIE between Apple Orchard and Pumpkin Frost.  I struggle with finding a nice red polish and I think this one is perfect and will wear it often!  As for Pumpkin Frost. ... well, blue polishes will always catch my eye, so it isn't really fair to other colors!  I found the formula on Pumpkin Frost to be so easy, and I didn't experience any staining.  Actually, now that I think of it, I don't think any of the Polish 'M polishes I own have ever stained my nails, even the really inky ones. 

What do you think?  Will you pick any of these up?  As I said before, if I haven't answered your questions about the polishes, please leave a comment!  Feedback is always welcome, too!


Polish 'M Fall Collection- Pt. 1

Take me to Work-- Part 1 of the Polish 'M Fall Collection

Today's post is super special to me!  This is part 1 of my review of the Polish 'M Fall collection.  The very first indie polish on my nails was Polish 'M Reli-A-Bull, and to this day  remains my favorite polish.  So, to have an opportunity to swatch and review for Polish 'M is truly an honor, and I am so excited to have been extended the opportunity!  Michelle is so creative and cares so much about the entire experience for her customers.  Her polishes are unique, gorgeous, and formulated incredibly well.  I consider myself an average polisher and have little mistakes during application.  However, most, if not all, of my Polish 'M polishes go exactly where I want them to go.  Clean up, if any, is minimal.  That's a definite win in my book!

This year's Fall collection consists of 10 polishes in various different finishes.  I've decided to split it into 3 groups and hopefully this will help you when making your wishlist.  Today's post will feature what I consider the neutral or "office appropriate" polishes. I'll have part 2 (fireside cozy/bold jewel tones) and Part 3 (moody/mysterious/vampy) soon, so check back for those.

Enough chatter.. let's take a look at these beautiful polishes!

A Bit Corny
This is a light nude crelly base with just the tiniest hint of grey.  It is filled with bronze micro flakes and metallic micro glitter in gunmetal grey, orange, red, and copper Zero clean up on this one.  Excellent formula and glitter distribution was effortless.  My photos show 3 coats.  My nail line is still visible, which I don't mind too much.  I had to see what this looked like matted, and I prefer it this way.  I used Polish 'M matte top coat and highly recommend that one.  It provides a waxy finish.

A Bit Corny with glossy top coat

A Bit Corny with matte top coat

Hay There!
A medium brown base with bronze micro flakes, red/orange/yellow chameleon pigment and green/blue/purple/pink chameleon pigment.  This polish is a shifter and will look different in different lighting.  These are under artificial light, so I wasn't quite able to capture the shift, but trust me.. it's so pretty, especially in the sunlight.  In bright sun it takes on more of the purple shift so the polish will appear more brown-purplish (but not necessarily darker).  Be careful on this one.. I didn't wait long enough on one nail and almost dragged the previous coat.  But, if you give it enough time, you should not have any issues.  My photos show 2 coats.  Minimal clean up, I think only 2 nails, and it wasn't because of flooded cuticles.. I had accidently swiped the very edge of the brush against my skin.  ha ha  :)

Hay There! with glossy top coat

Hay There! with matte top coat

Seasonal Splendor 
A mauve base with red flakes, red shimmer, lavender-silver shimmer, and purple iridescent micro flakes.  Great formula on this one and I think I had to clean up on one nail only (my fault completely, not the polish).  My photos show 2 coats, no issues on this one at all.  This polish is really beautiful and I think it would suit any skin tone.  It is classy, dainty and delicate, but not boring!  I really like this one matted as well.
Seasonal Splendor with glossy top coat

Seasonal Splendor with matte top coat
There you have it!  What do you think of these polishes?  I hope I addressed any questions you may have had about them, but if not, please leave a comment!

Thanks for visiting!  I'll have a review of the other polishes in the collection very soon!



Thursday, September 8, 2016

Polish 'M Back to Reality 2016 Collection

Polish 'M Summer 2016 Back to Reality collection

 A while ago I discovered the Indie polish world and what a ride it's been!  My very first Indie polish was from Polish 'M (I just love the pun in the name, plus, the maker's name starts with an M so it's doubly perfect!).  It is a really pretty white crelly polish filled with holo glitter and micro shards.  It. Is. So. Beautiful!  That's saying a lot because white is not even my favorite color (that honor goes to blue!).  I will dedicate a post to that polish along with others in the series, but for right now, since it's *technically* still summer, I have this super fun summer collection to share with you!  Even though it's a summer collection I think these shades can be worn year-round.  For any Halloween super fans, the orange and purple in this collection are perfect! 

All photos were taken in indirect natural light and when my nails were much shorter!  I normally keep them short anyway just for functionality (otherwise I poke my eye inserting and removing lenses), but these are really short since I'd had a dangerously close break on my middle finger.  For future posts, I'll include pictures under artificial light (ottlite), and if the polish takes on another personality in sunlight, some sunlight photos.  I used a glossy top coat for all photos, unless otherwise stated.

Before I get into the individual polishes, I'll state upfront that all of these had a flawless formula.  I did not experience any flooding near my cuticle line, and the formula was thick enough to give me a lot of control when applying, but never turned gloppy.  Minimal or no clean-up was required, and I do not consider myself a pro at polish application.

Ready?  Let's go.

Back to Reality, two coats.  This polish is a super-bright bubblegum pink/magenta with blue and silver micro flakes. I really liked this bright color when my nails were REALLY short. 

Hello, Monday, three coats.  Ok.  I didn't think I'd like this color on my tone at all, but it really surprised me!  Maybe it's because of the fun teal and bronze micro flakes, or maybe just because I never realized how pretty this color is!  I might have gotten away with 2 on my super shorties, but I liked the depth with 3 coats.

Hit Snooze. Repeat, two coats.  This is described as a rich teal green with silver, blue and green micro flakes  Even though blue is my favorite color, I really love teal and turquoise shades on my nails.  This one is so pretty, so bright and vibrant!

Inbox is Full, two coats.  This is a must-have for all the purple polish lovers!  This concord grape purple features silver, lavender and purple micro flakes.  I like how this has both a bright/vibrant quality to it and a slight dusky tone... just enough to keep it from being on the neon side. 

The Last Mile Home, two coats.  This is described as a bright (not neon) summery orange with silver, orange, gold and a hint of aqua micro flakes.  Orange is another color I'm not comfortable wearing, but when I actually tried this, I really liked it!  Perfect orange for Halloween-themed manis!  All you need is a few vinyls or some tape to make little jack-o-lantern faces.  So cute!

PVB (Post-Vacation Blues), two coats.  A vibrant cobalt blue with bronze, blue, and purple micro flakes.  Oh my goodness this blue!  This is my favorite of the bunch for sure.   

So guess what?  I have a DISCOUNT CODE to share with you if you decide to pick up any of these polishes!  The code is BTR25 and will save you 25% off any of these polishes, whether individual or the full collection.  All are currently available in the Polish 'M shop.  A word about customer service.. it is really great!  There are several reasons I keep coming back for more Polish 'M polishes.  Besides the obvious that I really like the polishes Michelle creates, she also puts so much care and attention into the packaging and the turn-around time is pretty quick.

You can find Michelle's shop here.  Do not forget to use the code BTR25 on any of these polishes!  


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How do I even begin?

Welcome to my little space to share my personal polish project!  

I'm not really sure where to begin, but talking about a little nail care seems like it's ok since this is, after all, my nail blog.  I use several products to try to keep my nails and hands healthy, so I'll share them along the way.  The first I wanted to share is this oil by Bliss Kiss. 
 It is amazing!  I use it directly on my naked nails in between manicures.  It's one of the best oils I've found to keep my nails shiny, healthy and smooth.  Another really fantastic thing about this oil is it also works really well on hair, so I apply a few drops to the ends of my hair and my son's hair after every wash. Bonus: It is also an emergency dry lip cure.  I'm not sure what the heck happened, but recently my lips got very, very dry, so much that the skin split at the corners (ouch!!) and the surface was just constantly feeling parched.  I tried different lip balms and nothing was really helping.  Then I saw my bottle of Simply Pure and thought why not.. it can't hurt, really.  Well, within a day the skin on my lips was improved 100%!!  Not completely healed in a day, but SO much smoother, and the split skin had actually healed and felt supple again.  

You can find this oil on Amazon or from Bliss Kiss directly!  Anna from Bliss Kiss offers sales on the product twice a year and I think it's definitely worth it!  Check out her website at for just gobs and gobs of nail care articles.  The website for the products is found at  

So, my first post on POLISH (yay!) will be up *relatively* soon.  Thank you for stopping by!