Thursday, August 30, 2018

Oh, where does the time go?

Hey, hey.. Anyone out there?  If so, please leave a comment!

I have no reason for such a long absence from writing and sharing my love for all things nail.  I have been keeping my nails polished or wrapped, but have simply not made the time to check in here!  I apologize!  I will try to set up a schedule for myself to resume the blog as it can be a therapeutic activity and I'm going to be painting my nails anyway....

So what is up?

Since my last post just a few on the more "exciting" side.  One is a trip I made to Washington, D.C. with my son.  We did that last summer and it was so much fun.  I was worried he was too young, but he seemed to really enjoy it!  On our first full day we took a bus tour around the most popular sights in town.  We made a grave mistake getting off at the Capitol building.  The building itself was fun to visit and see, but getting back on the tour bus was a challenge!  We finally got back on, but by then we were so hungry (let's say hangry).  I was determined to make it out to Arlington National Cemetery that day since it was included in the tour pass I purchased.  We were both so dehydrated and hungry, but luckily when we got off at the Lincoln Memorial there was a burger kiosk.  A burger never tasted so good!  ha ha! 

So, luckily, a good friend of mine lived not too far, and he agreed to meet us the next day.  That day was a LOT more walking as we didn't take any bus tour, but it was so incredible.  We didn't even scratch the surface at D.C., so will definitely be making another trip.

Have you been to Washington, D.C.?  If so, what did you think?  Would you go again?  Are there any places you recommend?  Next time I go I will be sure to visit the Cemetery again, the Lincoln & Jefferson Memorials, and will set aside a whole day to visit the museums.

All for now.. if you're there, thanks for sticking around!  Hopefully I'll have some pictures soon for you.


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