Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Jamberry Butterfly Bliss

Happy Hump Day!

Today I have another wear test on the Jamberry nail wraps for you.  Lately I just haven't really felt like polishing my nails, so I've turned to the nail wraps.  If I'm patient during application they will stay put for several days, so then I don't have to worry about changing my manicure.  Once I get back into a polishing mood I'll be back with more pretty lacquers!  :)

So, this is a mixed mani wrap.  I love these because then IF I want to mix and match I don't have to dig through my stash.. everything is on the one sheet.  Big plus!  This one is a satin finish wrap, which I really love.  It has a nice sheen to it, but not so shiny like the metallic wraps.  This wrap is currently available so if you are interested let me know!  I will put you in touch with a Jamberry consultant to get you going.

I know what you're thinking.. Why not just do this design with polish?  Well.. I don't because I don't have the right brushes to attempt this!  I guess I should look into some of the finer detail brushes.  So, you artists out there could do this easily I'm sure.  :)  I like the different colors on the wraps, but I do wish the orange-red was more on the red side than orange.  I do really like the index finger color.

So what have you been up to?  Do you remember when I told you about my back muscle strain?  It was rough getting back to running.  The first 2 times out I did more of a run/walk thing, and I could feel the muscle that had been hurt getting tired faster.  I added back in some more core work and some strength and mobility exercises.. I like to call them Jane Fonda moves, which is a little funny, but they are SO effective!  Anyway, the third run back I was able to do 3 miles non-stop.  I kept on at a slow pace and only increasing mileage if things felt fine.  I'm happy to tell you that last week I finished my first double digit run since the injury and since my half marathon in December!  I did have wonderful running company and I'm so thankful.  I am not sure I would have made it through all the way without her. I hope I continue to feel good!  Injuries are never any fun, but runners are especially more moody when they are sidelined.. am I right?  Any runners out there?
Oh how fun.. I had already been wearing my Jamberry nail wraps on that run!

So, this is what they look like today (day 7).  Would you just LOOK at my middle finger who betrayed me?!  I felt a little snag a couple of days ago so I decided to remove the wrap and check things out.  My nail was totally split on one side!  Gasp!  No good.. not sure how I did it, either.  Probably just using them as tools again!  ugh.. If it hadn't been for that nail all of them would have been intact.  I do have the tip wear, total tell-tale sign that I don't know how to be gentle with my fingers.  ha ha!

Not bad.  I made it through all of my hair washings without getting any hair caught, so I think this application was really good!

Not sure what will be next, folks.. polish?  I do have a really lovely hunter green that's just perfect for St. Patrick's Day.  I also have a really cute nail wrap (another mixed mani).. decisions, decisions.. Hope you all have a lovely day!


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