Thursday, February 7, 2019

Zoya Normani

Keep it classy

Do you have a favorite nail polish?  I have many polishes that I love for various reasons.. mostly hinging around the color and the formula.  I'm sure it's happened more than once where I will forgive a polish its lackluster formula because the color makes up for it.  When we come across the gems, though.. those really stick with us, don't they?

I don't remember if it was four or five years ago, but Pinterest came into my life.  I got lost in a sea of beautiful nail swatch pictures.  I saw brands I'd never even heard of!  butter London?  Zoya?  They sounded so classy and honestly... sounded like they were out of the price range I was willing to spend.  I continued to ponder the selections available in the beauty aisles at the grocery store, including many a Sally Hansen hue.  I felt satisfied with these for a time, but then one day I decided to see if I could find any at our Ulta shop, just to SEE if they really were as pretty in person as on the many photos I'd perused.  I don't remember the day, and I might have even been looking for a different color, but settled for this one: Zoya Normani.  I didn't expect to like it so much just from looking at it in the bottle, but I wanted to try it since I saw "great formula" so many times when reading blogger reviews.  As soon as I applied the first coat I knew this was something special.. and here we are many paint jobs later!

Zoya Normani is described by Zoya as a full-coverage sable mauve cream.  I'm not the best with colors, but to me this is a medium brown with a smoky/grey undertone to soften it up.  It. Is. INCREDIBLE.

OK, maybe incredible is a bit much.  But, will you agree that it is very sophisticated?  Will you agree that it more-than-likely looks fabulous on any skin tone?  Will you agree that this shade can probably be worn anywhere in any season?!  Gah.  I think Zoya absolutely nailed it (no pun intended) with this color.  It is very well-balanced... not too brown, and not too grey.  It sits happily right in the middle and needs no other embellishments to give you a classy feel.  Trust me.. if you don't already have a favorite neutral polish, try Normani.  It is probably the one polish I've used the most, even more than my cherished Sally Hansen Pacific Blue original formula.  In fact, I've used it so much (and a few friends have borrowed it as well) that I can validate getting myself a replacement bottle.  This one is a must-have for me... kind of like a shelf staple.  She's never let me down.  Oh, and my swatch shows two coats plus a top coat, though Normani is pretty shiny on its own.

What do you think?  Do you have Normani?  If not, do you think you'll give it a try?


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